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 Kensington Kid "Small Town Life in the 70's in the Shadow of the Market - Frankford EL" 

If you grew up in
Kensington - Fishtown - Port Richmond - Frankford - Harrowgate - Juniata - Wissinoming - Northern Liberties - Tacony - Mayfair - Bridesburg - Torresdale....
Or Just about anywhere else in Philly in the 1970's or 80's

This Book is for YOU!!!!   


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & A Wonderful New Year Too!!!

You Can't get this book at Kelly's Korner or Levin's but you can get it here!

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Pimple Balls, "Halfies," "Chucks," Sellin' Pretzels, Scrubbing the Steps, Ridin' the EL, Shopping on the Ave, Goin' to K&A, Playing under the Fireplug, Runnin' from the Cops, Candy Stores, Corner Bars, Hucksters, Pizza Trucks, Fistfights, Hoagies, Cheesesteaks, Midway Movies, Kelly's Korner, Levins, Record Spot, The Swimmo, May Processions, Ramblers, Needle Park.....

















My story is not unique by any account
Chances are, it's a lot like yours!

Kensington had many schools with many schoolyards. We had many different corners to hang on and almost each had a corner store. We had many churches & synagouges with many different religions.

I hope some of my memories help stir up some of yours!

That is what this book is all about.

Maybe our stories crossed paths somewhere? If you grew up in the Kensington area, there's a good chance they did. Maybe we met at the Midway Theater, a Kensington Ramblers game or a church dance. Possibly we even had a fistfight in a schoolyard or checked out the same girl as she walked down Kensington Ave.


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