Wildwood Weeks $17.95

Includes FREE Shipping

Includes FREE Shipping

Kensington Kid $14.95

Pimple Balls, Halfies, "Chucks," Sellin' Pretzels, Scrubbin' Steps, Ridin' the EL, Shoppin' on the Ave, Goin' to K&A, Playin' under the Fireplug, Runnin' from the Cops, Candy Stores, Corner Bars, Hucksters, Pizza Trucks, Fistfights, Hoagies, Cheesesteaks, Midway Movies, Kelly's Korner, Levins, Record Spot, The Swimmo, May Processions, Ramblers, Needle Park.....

Including nearly 60 pictures and 200 pages!

If your summer vacations included rides on the Hell Hole & Flyer. If you have memories of the Wipe Out, Pirate Ship Skua, Castle Dracula or Kong. If you ate at Zaberer's, The Captain's Table or stood in line for Groff's. If you played golf on a rooftop or spent time in the Fun Shop. If you remember the trampolines or got sick on the Turbo. If you still can't decide if the Wacky Shack or Keystone Kops was greater. If you have been eating the same pizza for the last forty plus years. If your family vacatins were slightly disfuctional like mine. This book is for you!


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