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 Kensington Kid "Small Town Life in the 70's in the Shadow of the Market - Frankford EL" 


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Reader Reviews - What People Are Saying About "The Kensington Kid"

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"While Bill was a Kensington kid, and I was not, I recognized some of my youth and my friends in the book. Whether you grew up in Kensington, or South Philly, or Logan, or West Philly, or the South Bronx, much of this rings true as a shared experience. As to the prose, when I was teaching writing, I always told students, “Write like you talk. Don’t try to show off.” Bill mastered that. The books sounds like a real person is talking right to you. That’s a rare thing and a good thing"
Stu Bykofsky - Philadelphia Daily News

"Kensington Kid was an enjoyable read that captured  the small town (small minded, suspicious, envious and proud) nature of one of Philadelphia's legendary neighborhhoods. The green painted alley fences, the gossipy crew of block moms in house dresses and the irreplacable corner stores all came to life again."
Clark DeLeon, Columnist, Author

"Reading The Kensington Kid brought me back to a place and time that I'd actually never been, but wish I had.  It's a story about an era, however hard, that was indeed kinder, gentler and more loving." 
Bruce Schimmel, Founder Philadelphia City Paper

"If you've spent time in the shadow of The Market-Frankford EL, This book is for you!"
Debbi Calton, 102.9 WMGK Philadelphia's Classic Rock

"This is what our children should be reading about in school. This is history, the stuff their parents lived. If you lived in Anytown or Anyplace in the US you will relate to this book. The author simply recreates his life on paper yet somehow transports the reader back in time to re-experience their own individual lives. His writings are the spark that rekindles many long lost childhood memories that can now be shared with an entire new generation and generations to come."
S. Troyer, San Diego, CA     

"Every page brought back another memory!"
F.C. Schmidt, Pottsville, PA

"My family and I love the book, been telling everyone about it.  It really brings back alot of good memories.  Never knew we had accents until we moved from Kensington.  When we say certain words or phrases, people make fun of us.  My brother-in-law is buying a book to give to his boss so he will understand where he comes from and why he talks the way he does.  They have had numerous talks about his upbringing, and this book will confirm what he has told him in the past.  Thank you for the walk down memory lane."
Frank & Tracy Motta

"I read your book and found it interesting & nostalgic - with a lot of humor! I wish you good luck with the book, as "a kid" who grew up in  Glenside in relatively the same era there were lots of reminders of things of the past. I would have reviewed it in my column but this week is my last one, after 10 years enough is enough. Good Luck!!"
Ted Taylor, Author, Columnist, Professor Chestnut Hill College  

"Thank you for putting such a positive spin on how we really lived in Kenzo - Your book will be cherished for years to come"
P. Lawson, NE Philly

"Love the Book! If you were one of the lucky kids who grew up in Kensington, this book is for you - A walk down Memory Lane"
R. Lees, Phila 

"Thanks for writing this book, reading it was like reliving my childhood"
T. Hopkins, FL

"I have enjoyed re-living my childhood through your words. Thank you again for sharing your story with us."
J & R Salvina, PA  

"I have read your book & appreciate your stories which bring me back many fine memories - I would like to order 5 copies of your book for my family..."
D Bauer, PA 

"Great job on the book. Thanks for providing the opportunity for me to reflect on a time that was simple and real."
R. Fisher, Phila

"We love the book, it brings back many memories. I have been recommending it to everyone I know!"
L. Drumm, Phila

"Can't wait to read the book! It's amazing how many things mentioned in the Spirit article that I remember! I know the book will take me back to that time!"
M Johnson, Philadelphia 

"I love this book! I can't wait for my kids and grandkids to read it so they see what growing up Kensington is really about
Robert Wilcox, Bensalem

"Reading this book is like reliving my childhood! It's all here 
Barb Murphy, Phila

"What a wonderful feel good book! Thanks for writing it.
Ed Andrews, Philly

"Got your book for Christmas - Its my favorite gift by far! So many memories - Do I know you?"
Regina, Fishtown 

"Just a quick note to say thanks for writing this book!
Vince Kirkland, NJ

*What an enjoyable read"
Amanda Cunningham, Fishtown

I forced my kids to read your book and they thanked me!" 
Lisa, Cape May NJ

 "I just want to tell you again how much I love this book. It brings back so many wonderful memories! Thank you!"
Rhonda O'Neill, NE Philly