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 Kensington Kid "Small Town Life in the 70's in the Shadow of the Market - Frankford EL" 



Wholesale Business Opportunity
Got a bar? Love to do flea markets?
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There’s no getting around it, times are sill tough, and the economic future remains bleak.  People are in need of jobs and those fortunate enough to have one often still seem to be looking for something extra to supplement their income just to help make ends meet.  Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who are doing “OK” during this crisis but would like to make a few extra bucks for vacation, or to help pay off a few bills or maybe buy that special item that you thought you just couldn’t afford.  Maybe we can help!!


The ‘Kensington Kid’ book is an overwhelming success yet it is not found in any bookstore! That is the beauty of this book, when people see it, they buy it! The majority of our books have been sold by “word of mouth.” People love the book because it helps to bring back memories of the past and even if you never set foot in Kensington most people can relate to the story.  The book really sells itself.


Do you or someone you know own a corner store, a bar, or a pizza shop? Do you love to do flea markets or bazaars?  Do you belong to a group or association? Do you love to sell? Do you know of a place where people would love “Kensington Kid” anywhere, beauty shops, card shops, pharmacies, reunions or community events, the possibilities are endless. Just about anyplace is the perfect place to sell ‘Kensington Kid”.


Now here’s the important part! We are looking for a few people who believe in this book and think others will too. We are now offering wholesale quantities of “Kensington Kid” directly to you. It’s that easy, no strings attached, no commissions no commitment, no nonsense!


You buy a very small quantity of books wholesale directly from us (we’ll even have the author sign them if you want) and you do the rest. You sell them where you want, when you want, and how you want!  You can do as little or as much work as you like! You can’t beat that!! 


If you own a shop, put them on the counter and let the book do the work for you as it is the perfect impulse purchase, If you do craft shows or flea markets, this book is a "no brainer" and a very easy sale! People are always looking for the perfect thing to sell; now you’ve found it with “Kensington Kid!”   


If you would like more information or further details or if you’re ready to make your first wholesale purchase so you can start putting money in your own pocket send an email to and we’ll get back to you right away!!   

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